Wednesday, 11 February 2009


You need one! These bad boys are so in this summer. The first time I saw Doc Martens was on a lesbian punk rocker chick in my first year in high school. I didn't understand punk rockers then, I thought they were weird but at the same time I thought they were so cool and I secretly wanted to be their friend.
But Doc Martens aren't just for headbangers For example, you can wear them with tights, legwarmers, a cool dress and scarf. But for summer I would definitely rock them "à la Erin Wasson"! Cut-off jeans and a tanktop.

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natisha85 said...


can you please let me know where i can pick up those amazing black studded boots please? i've literally worn my black numbers into the ground over british winter. been looking all over and cant find them!

thank you x