Sunday, 28 December 2008


I even forgot I made this blog LOL, this is the first time I'm posting.
Today I woke up after a good night sleep (FINALLY). So it's the last Sunday of this year and I was supposed to go to church but I was so damn tiredddd.

Anywho, I was just thinking... life is such a headache.
I was always scared of growing up, and now that I'm 20 I suddenly have to decide what to do with my life and bla-di-bla!

I just wanna chill out, relax right now you know.
So I'm thinking of studying Psychology or Fashion Design.

I know I would do great at both. The funny thing is that even though they sound like 2 totally different professions, they are actually pretty similar.

So that's the dilemma that I'm having right now.
Psychology is just very safe .. I know I'll have a job and I'll have a good salary & I'll be doing something that I like.

Fashion Design is just exiting and you need confidence and a strong will power... you need to be creative and you need to keep up with everybody. It's art, you create something people will live their lives in... so it's pretty serious. You can make someone feel like a queen, or a boy, or just sexy... I love that!.. but it's risky business... you never know if you'll do well or not, if you're in or out!