Sunday, 6 September 2009


(photos: courtesy of Topshop)


Are you a young up and coming artist in the fashion industry? Are you a photographer, stylist, designer, director, model and you need help on creating a well rounded portfolio?
Poloroyt does just that!

Poloroyt is an initiative by Naphtaly Rooi and helps young artists launch their careers in fashion.
We know the fashion world is highly competitive, and two things matter; skill and connections. In order to get connections you have to prove your skill. Poloroyt will work with you on realizing your project and create a professional portfolio.

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okay first off I'm going to apologize for abandoning my blog.. sorry guys I am ashamed really.
In the meantime what was going on in my life was. I applied for this art school called Gerrit Rietveld Academy (Amsterdam), it's the best art & design school in my country. I didn't get in unfortunately, but I did get accepted to another academy I will be starting in 2 weeks. Im very exited about that. I'll be doing Fine Arts. I wanted to do Fashion Design but I think Fine Arts suites me better. And who knows maybe i'll end up doing Fashion afterall.

But anyways I've been working my ass off trying to get the money for school, I didn't have any time for my blog. But I'm backkkkkkk and I'll be posting lots of cool & fun stuff.

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