Saturday, 7 February 2009


I live in Amsterdam and there's a design school called "Gerrit Rietveld Academy"
I applied there and had an appointment for them to evaluate my work.
Well they said that I don't have enough stuff in my portfolio (they were so right, even I knew that but I went anyways)and they recommend me to apply for their Pre-College Course. They were, however, very positive about what I DID show them and they told me I was unique. Anyways their Foundation Year would be too intense for me they said & I get what they're saying. But it costs €1560,- damnit! that's alot of money.
But I guess if you compare it to other Design schools it's really nothing.

It's my dream to study Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design in Paris.
I don't know what will happen. If I get to study there and then Central Saint Martins.
Somebody up there likes me!!!

Idk if that's ever gonna happen, but there's no harm in having dreams right?

But I do know what I want my clothes to look like.
It's gonna be High Society meets Street. That's the basic idea, and with every collection I want to include an element of art or culture, maybe inspired by movement in dance, architecture. I dunno, whatever I want to share with the world at that moment.

My clothes are for eclectic youthful women (like myself) who just want to have fun and find depth in life!

That kind of thing!

Designing clothes takes some thought, there's so many things you have to consider.
And I am now just learning! God I don't even know how to sew!!!

But hopefully I will be successful one day!

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