Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Valentine's day is approaching and many of us are clueless on what to do. It's the same old story every year. Hearts get broken, Cupid's arrow missed it's target.
What can you do about it? Here are ten aphrodisiacs to make sure the two of you will get into "the mood".

1. Chocolat - Not exactly and aphrodisiac but it increases the release of serotonin in the brain. Just like sex it makes you feel good. No harm in that right?

2. Oysters - The Romans ranked this aphrodisiac very higly because of the method of consumption and the resemblance to a woman's genitals. This one is for the men, oysters are said to increase testosterone and thus increase the male libido.

3. Getting In Shape - Being in shape or working out increases your selfconfidence. A healthy diet makes you feel energized and you'll feel less drained towards the end of the day. Which can give your love life that extra push it might need.

4. Strawberries - Ladies we know very well the effect of this on men. Need I say more?

5. Avocado - The Aztects believed this to be an aphrodisiac because advocados grow in pairs. It resembeled the male's testicles. The texture of this fruit is smooth and sensuous. Serve as an appetizer. Cut in cubes and sprinkle with balsamic vinegar and freshly ground pepper.

6. Almonds - It's aroma is said to induce passion in a female. Try Marzipan (a sweet almond paste) after dinner.

7. Liqourice - It is particulately stimulating to a woman. Chewing on liqourice root is thought to enhance love and lust.

8. Nutmeg - I've tried this one and you might want to go easy! Sprinkle a little bit in your pumpkin soup or coffee. You'll get a drunken feeling minus the heaviness. It can also cause hallucinations. But don't get any ideas, too much (anything over 4 teaspoons) of this spice can be fatal.

9. Vanilla - The scent of vanilla is said to increase lust. Use this ingredient in your apple pie and feed your boyfriend/girlfriend.

10. Wine - Even though alcohol is a depressant, wine helps you to relax and it stimulates your senses. One glass is enough to do the trick.

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