Thursday, 7 May 2009


I'm currently obsessed with tattoos. I think they are so cool and it seems like they're getting more socially acceptable as time goes by. Of course I won't ever change my moms mind, she thinks they're hideous and I'm pretty sure alot of you guys feel like that.
But for those who DO love it, I've decided to post some pictures of tattoos that inspire me.


lili sumner G said...

if you're obsessed with tats you should get one- they're ment to be gotten on a wim!

cory said...

sometimes you find really great blogs, and this is one of those days. you're cool, who are you?

lili sumner G said...

aww thanks! your blog is rad blog is a bit on the inactive side at the moment haha. i'm lili- nice to virtually meet you.